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Computer Place

A computer place is a shop where computer units, computer peripherals and other computer accessories may be found. This kind of shop may offer or sell computers of different brand names and models including Apple, IBM, Microsoft, Compaq, Cisco, Dell and many more.

A computer place may also provide clients with a number of services related to computers and their parts or accessories. Clients may go to this kind of place when looking to have their computers repaired. Most computer shops have qualified personnel who are adept at troubleshooting computer problems. They may provide repair services, data recovery, reformatting, printer repairs, wireless internet set-up of any type and all other types of troubleshooting and repair services.

A computer place may also provide training and support to clients or customers.  Personnel in computer places are often experts in many aspects of computer technology and may be able to provide clients with training on how to use and troubleshoot computer hardware and software, networking, computer peripherals, hubs and other computer accessories. These personnel may also provide customer support and may answer customer questions and enquiries regarding computer units, upgrades, internet sign ups, academic software and many more.

Another type of service that may be provided by the personnel in a computer place is assistance in internet set-up and networking. Personnel of computer shops are literally experienced or trained in the different aspects of computers and networking and may be able to help customers with any kind of networking or internet set up they need. Wireless internet, LAN or WAN and school, home or office networking set-up services may be provided by personnel of computer places.

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